Protezione Techniche

Protezione Techniche

Transient Voltage Surge Suppresors

Protezione Techniche provides a series of surge suppresors suitable to protect electronic equipment from surges and voltage transients that pose a risk to your critical data for all systems of supply and distribution of energy related to critical loads.

Where do we need TVSS?

Type I – Main AC power entrance protection

The type I TVSS is designed to protect commercial and industrial facilities from the damaging affects of lighning. Power cables carry the damaging current into facilities. The device shunts these damaging currents safely to earth ground.

Type II – Distribution power – Panel protection

The type II TVSS is designed to protect all standard power sub-distribution panel from damaging power line transients.

Type III – Branch circuit and equipment protection

Telecom/Data line protector: Protection of equipment connected onto telephone lines, computer, communication or data links and current loops.

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